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Build the Ultimate Personal Brand

Grow your platform, close more deals, and look good doing it.

Stand out from the crowd & define your unique value and style.

I serve highly motivated, heart-centered professionals and entrepreneurs on the transformational journey to becoming top influencers in their industry. My team specializes in brands for...





All of the confusion you’re going through about building your brand can be dissolved and turned around the moment you let an expert guide you.


Hi, I'm Mary.

I'm an artist and engineer with over a decade of experience building hundreds of brands.

During my career I've helped my clients... branded funnels that resulted in tens of millions in annual revenue. 

...create the graphics, copy, and strategy for 7-figure paid media marketing campaigns.

...generate tens of thousands of highly qualified leads. huge, targeted follower bases and email marketing lists.


Get clarity around your zone of genius and learn my 3 step signature process for building the ultimate personal brand.  Download the free ebook to get started owning your genius!

Are you ready to transform your digital identity?

When we talk about transformation, we mean developing and activating a brand that represents your value, your mission and that drives tangible business results.

The key problems we solve are:


CONGRUENCE - Get to the core of your offering and messaging to sell one story across all platforms.

Offering too many things, having a disorganized message, or not getting to the core of your zone of genius is costing you time and a lot of money.


PRESENTATION - Your web presence is most often your first impression. 

Without the right presentation, you're not putting your best foot forward. Stop wasting money driving traffic to a website that doesn't covert.


FUNCTIONALITY - Your funnel needs to be highly automated and seamless.

Are you loosing leads because you don't have the right booking software, email marketing tools, or follow up processes?

"With trust in organisations and institutions at an all-time low, it’s more important than ever before to communicate what you stand for and offer as an individual. Your personal brand is an indicator of your trustworthiness, integrity and eligibility." - Oxford College of Marketing


The Ultimate Personal Branding Package

From Idea to Identity in Just 6 Weeks

Brand Coaching

Graphic Design

Website Design

Copy Editing

The Results...

Transform your digital identity and your business to gain more confidence, engagement, and sales!

  • BUILD TRUST FASTER and drive more of your existing traffic into your funnel.
  • CREATE AUTHENITC CONNECTION WITH YOUR PROSPECTS IMMEDIATELY  by expressing your unique offer and personality, qualifying your leads automatically.
  • GAIN MORE CONFIDENCE IN SELLING & INVESTING IN MARKETING knowing your offer is presented in a highly professional way and communicated clearly.

What you get...

  • INDIVIDUALIZED, HIGH IMPACT STRATEGY COACHING - our leadership team gets to work developing your Personal Brand Blueprint.
  • A COMPLETELY CUSTOM DESIGNED, HIGHLY TARGETED IDENTITY  - we do the work for you of identifying the look and feel that both matches your personality and will connect with your customers. You walk away with a logo, guidelines, and business cards that match. 
  • A CUTTING EDGE, STREAMLINED SALES FUNNEL - you walk away from this 6 week program with a functioning, beautifully designed website that integrates with your sales and marketing software for better conversion rates and higher quality leads.


Apply for a free 60 minute brand blueprint session to get a jumpstart owning your genius.

Attract and convert the right people.

Three Tiers of The Signature Branding Blueprint



Hone in on your zone of genius to get the core of your unique and authentic offering.
Create the right buyer persona for your dream client and identify the core problems and needs you can solve. Our strategy sessions get you to pure clairty around your irrepaceable zone of genius.



Packaging your services is about your business model. Having a strong business model is the foundation necessary for building an incredible brand. We coach you through the process of developing a business model in alignment with your lifestyle and income goals.



Presentation of your packages is the next step to connecting with your prospective clients, making sales, and making an impact. Making sure your tech stack and design is serving you, not sabotaging you, is an important priority in scaling your personal brand.

Personal Branding Package Deliverables

Strategy Coaching

Every element of the design and execution of our personal branding process is strategic. We get to know your goals and vision for your business to make sure every element aligns.

Brand Graphics & Style Guide

Brand graphics are the custom images used to represent your brand throughout your website and marketing material.  On launch we will provide a document outlining the fonts and colors.

Logo & Business Cards

Custom text logo with icon and standard business card layout. The icon can either be a letter or a symbol. Up to three revisions. 

Responsive Website

Completely custom designed, responsive bootstrap website with up to 2 digital marketing integrations. Additional pages and integrations can be added a la carte.

Deliverable Timeline

This signature, streamlined process gets your project perfected in only 6 weeks.

On Signing

Personal Branding Blueprint

We start with a strategy call and onboarding process. This is the most important step to make sure everything is on time and done from the beginning in a way that hits your objectives dead on. 

Week 1

Logo First Draft

The first drafts of your logo are submitted to your team for approval so you can start making comments and preparing feedback. 3 different versions will be included so you can see options and comparisons. 

Week 2

Brand Graphics & Business Cards

As we're going through the logo revisions and getting closer to your core colors and style, we begin producing options for the brand graphics and business cards to get underway on revisions.

Week 3

Finalized Logo & Brand Graphics

During week 3, it's all about getting those tweaks perfect to make sure the brand is exactly the way you want it to look. Once we finalize the colors and images, we can move on to creating the website.

Week 4

Website First Draft

The first draft of a functioning mock up of the website is due on week 4. We submit to you a few different options for colors  and layouts to get feedback on the direction of the project.

Week 6


On week 6 we launch the website, and submit all the logo and graphic files to you, perfectly packaged including a brand style guide you can use in the future when creating additional marketing material.

Apply for a Branding Blueprint Strategy Session to Get a Free 60 Minute Coaching Call

Get clarity around your zone of genius and learn my 3 step signature process for building the ultimate personal brand.
Apply today, it's free!

Personal Branding Package FAQ

For people who are looking to piecemeal their brands, I'm not the right fit. After working with hundreds of clients, I've found that to truly have an impact, all the right pieces need to be in place and play together seamlessly. I only work with professionals who are ready to go all in and make a highly impactful and congruent brand the first time around. 

There are 6 coaching calls included in the package - one each week.

You can choose between a website hosted on Squarespace or a completely custom coded bootstrap website. There are pros and cons to each platform that we will go over in the beginning of the process to find the best fit for your business. I don't work with Wordpress. 

Building a successful company quickly requires investment in expertise that is outside your zone of genius. I've packaged my services in a way that gives my clients the best outcome in the shortest time for the best possible price. The ultimate personal branding package is a 6 week program that starts at $7,500 and includes everything you need to get to a place where you are confident investing in sales and marketing for your services. It also comes with a money back guarantee if by the end of the program you are not 100% satisfied with the results. 

I only take 3 clients at a time during any 6 week period. Depending on when you're inquiring and how full my schedule is booked out in advance will determine the start date. To hold your space on my calendar, a deposit of $2500 is required. 

I do not personally do brand photography or social media management, however, I do have highly vetted partners that do these services for my clients.